Thursday, January 27, 2011


I just got home from the Las Vegas Furniture Market filled with ideas and inspiration.  Overall, the direction of design is all about COLOR....bright crayon hues!  There was eye candy at every turn....being around that much color just put me in good spirits (despite the monster blisters and feet pain I was enduring-my knee boots where a horrible shoe choice for 12 hours of walking)!  I have many posts to follow regarding trends, color schemes, etc. that I walked away from this show with but I wanted to start with a few favorite inspiring photos.....
Bold wall colors on the walls, accessories, lighting, mirrors,etc. 

There are so many new versions of the sunburst mirror....I will have a new post specifically showcasing these...I have a ton of pictures of mirrors!

Love this bold blue accent color.

Love this table!  I also really like how this orchid arrangement is planted in this tall clear vase!  I walked away with some great floral arranging ideas too...more to come.

The bright green candy looks like an example of how bright everything is! 

The bright colors on this painted chair make this piece such a standout!  I love this chair!  I will post a category of colorful chairs, I have lots to share.

Classic, traditional with modern color hues....I love this room (great cocktail table!)

Pink is the word-another subject to come!!!!


This room was so bright and delicious I spent far too long just staring! 

Fun Paint detail! 

Bringing color outdoors!  I love this patio set

Some shows are better than others but I have to say I walked away from this show feeling inspired!!  So many ideas in my head I have to sit down and compartmentalize! 

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