Saturday, February 19, 2011


It is pouring down rain outside and I think thoughts of spring are helping me deal with the gloom.  I write so much about the importance of color but this post is dedicated to the extreme opposite, white.  I love all things white!  One of the first design tips I ever got was from a great mentor of mine explaining to me the importance of white (or Ivory for warmer tones) and the impact it creates in a home.  Colors need to contrast off each other to create balance and interest.  If your home is feeling a little "blah" add a couple of white accent pillows, books, will see how much it will come to life.

Crate and Barrel Avery Bedding.

Global Views White Chargers

Z Gallerie Finesse Pillow

Global Views White Tree Lamp

Z Gallerie s/3 White Twig Branches

Love this Creamy White Owl Umbrella stand from Global Views.


J Daniels Family Homes said...

I love white!

Gloria said...

I can't get enough white either. I wish someone would invent a magic mud remover that got rid of dirt and mud from the dogs as the entered into the house so I wouldn't track EVERYWHERE. Then, my life would be perfect and a lot less stressful!
That white tree lamp is awesome!

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