Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Our last "4 Generation" picture taken Christmas 2009.  My Grandma, Mom, Me and Sabrina.

This past week has been so crazy!  My emotions have been all over the boards!  My son Jack, turned "5" on March 8th, that same day my wonderful Grandmother "Nanny" passed away.  Then my daughter Sabrina turned "3" on Monday and my Grandmother's funeral was on Tuesday.  Very LONG week!

Having my kids birthdays so close together is always so hectic.  I over think every detail, wanting to make sure that each child feels special and not overlooked.  I need to make sure that what I do for one, I do for the other!  ahhh!  So, having my Grandma pass away in the mix has been so overwhelming and depressing!

Since this blog is about what inspires me I feel like I must mention my Grandma since she has always been  a great source of inspiration.  She had a heart of gold and had this infectious smile.  She kept moving and was never lazy...even up to the end!  Her energy level was amazing....she could run circles around me anyday!  I  miss her so much and am anxious for time to heal my wounds! 

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