Friday, June 24, 2011


I have been asked several times where the name "Belmont Design Group" originated.  The most common assumption is that Belmont is a family name.  The truth is, I was living on Naples Island (an island of homes adjacent to Belmont Shore,CA) and was in love with my town!  My husband and I were young and childless and having a great time (oh, the memories....sigh)!

I began working on residential projects while living in Belmont Shore so Belmont Design Group just fit.  I have such fond memories of that time in my life and I love that I still have a piece of it!
Directional sign in the median in front of Von's

I would go for morning runs around these canals.  I don't know what is more shocking, the fact that I would go on morning runs or the fact that I actually lived so close to these canals!!  We lived in a glorified bird house built in 1942 and spent three long years re-modeling it...we were so in love with the location we decide our "tear down" would be a fun project (did I mention we were young and clearly naive)!

There is a wide range of shopping and restaurants on 2nd Street.  If you live locally it is a great day trip!

~Home Sweet Home~
 This was our lovely kitchen in need of some TLC.

 My favorite thing about this kitchen was the pot filler!!!

I can still smell the salty air mixed with old moldy walls looking at this picture!

~The Journey~

 For MONTHS we would come home from work and start ripping down our walls until we would fall asleep.  We did everything ourselves and lived in this mess!  I would never attempt this kind of demo again unless I had somewhere else to go to GET AWAY!

 My sweet nephew spent the weekend at our house and we even put him to work!

My husband and I literally took this house down to its studs and re-built it.  I would never do it again but it was a great learning experience....about re-modeling AND relationships! ;)

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I just stumbled on your blog from Pinterest and I'm officially a fan =)

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