Monday, September 12, 2011


Where to begin.........
Selecting paint colors for your home can be overwhelming!  
I think deciding on a wall color is just as hard as finding the color you decided on!  Here are my top ten design tips to hopefully help you in your next painting endeavor!

photo: Alison Royer 
1.When re-modeling selecting your paint color should be the LAST thing you do NOT the first.
2.  Try not to blindly walk into a paint store and pick a color because you like it (you might not when it is on the wall).  Instead, find fabrics or artwork around your home that you like and place the paint chips next to the color in the fabric or art.  It will help you pull out the color you are most drawn to.

{For this room I selected a green wall color from the lighter shade green in the pillow fabric.}
photo:  Ashlee Raubach
interiors: Belmont Design Group
3.  Consider how the color will look in the lighting of your room.  Natural daylight shows the truest color.  Incandescent lighting brings out warmer tones and yellows.  Fluorescent lighting casts a sharp blue tone. 
 {This is where painting a sample on the wall is especially helpful}

4.The paint colors you chose should complement the room's permanent features, such as fireplaces, cabinetry and flooring.  Hold paint chips next to all of these permanent fixtures to be sure the colors do not clash.

5.  When selecting several colors it is nice to select tones that flow nicely together from room to room. 
photo:  Alison Royer

6.  Think beyond traditional colors for rooms.  
i.e. girls (pink) and boys (blue) 

MarineWeathered Coral

7.  Play up monochromatic schemes to create a soft variation. 
 Layer colors.
{I wanted this Master Bedroom to feel calm and cool with an interesting focal point.  The soft gray paint layered inside/outside the moldings added a simple and soft backdrop}
photo: Ashlee Raubach
interiors:  Belmont Design Group

8. Use high quality paint.  My standard favorites are Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.  Farrow and Ball and Serena and Lily are also amazing!  The quality does make a difference!
9.  Cool colors make a room feel larger and warm colors make a room feel smaller.

10.  Get creative!
Accent walls, stripes (mixing high gloss with flat in the same shade), etc.
After all.....paint is easy to switch out :)


Jean @ Flower Hill said...

Thanks for the tips! Paint can be an easy way to change a room.

Holly Gruszka said...

These are really great tips - thank you. I'm also a fan of Sherwin Williams paint.

Sylvia said...

Hi Alison! Just discovered your blog and getting a lot of inspiration :) Good you tell me where you got the cushion covers or fabric for the Black and Sliver pillows on the bed in the last image? Thanks much!

2buddyboys said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon the picture of the two toned grey master bedroom with the white comforter and loved it! Can you tell me where I can find the lamps, mirror and what the paint color is? So in love with it all!

Melody said...

I just bought a house and am so inspired by the gray panels in this bedroom. Can you tell me which 2 gray colors you used? I would love to do something similar in my guest room.

Thanks so much!

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