Thursday, January 5, 2012

DIY Challenge

I found these books today in a design showroom and I instantly loved them until I found out the price.
Then I was thinking that this would be a great DIY until I realized that there is no time in my life for DIY projects.  I can't even manage to DIY dinner....sad but true!

So, I have a DIY challenge.  If any of my creative readers out there feel like giving this a try PLEASE email me the pictures and I'll post them for us all to learn how to do this!

Some thick novels, solid white/off white fabric, a large photo, a little mod podge....presto!  OK, maybe not that easy and I'm sure very time consuming but if I told you the price you might be motivated to try!

Photos taken from an old book or personal photos...

I think the possibilities are endless and maybe someday I'll give it a try!  


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I'll have to think about this one! Seems like there could be an easy solution.

*amber* said...

I love these!!! I'll be searching for a good set of books to do this on this weekend!

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