Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Downtown Austin Project Status

It was so fun to come home to Texas and see the exciting progress of this clients home.  They really have been moving fast and it is always so great to see the walls go up on something you have been staring at on paper.
This client worked with their architect to design a classic Saltbox style home.  The design keeps in line with the historic neighborhood guidelines as well as her East Coast upbringing.

Their beautiful tree lined street is so dreamy.
 The front view

The back of the home will have a screened in porch and a separate garage 

Side view

So far we have selected all of the lighting, mill work, and bathroom/kitchen tile details.  We have a great start on furniture, paint and fabrics.  It wont be long now!  Move in is scheduled for early January.  I will post more progress shots as I get them.

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