Monday, October 14, 2013

Belmont Design Group Update

I recently mentioned some exciting changes happening with BDG.  I think the biggest change is a full time collaboration with these two lovely ladies.  Not only are we great friends but these girls bring so much to Belmont Design Group, it is such an exciting venture.

The three of us have actually worked together for the past couple of years, just more behind the scenes. 

Andrea (left) has been my book keeper extraordinaire for the past 3 years and has literally SAVED me!  You should have seen the stacks of paper and disorganization this girl took over.  She graduated with a degree in Business Finance from BYU and in an odd twist, is very creative (left AND right brained, a very rare combo :)).  I no longer freak out whenever I get letters from the IRS or the State Board of Equalization.  Phew!!  Not only does she keep track of the book keeping, she is the most organized person I know and since design work is about 90% organization :(, she helps me beyond measure.  Andrea's creativity and good eye for design are such an added bonus!  She has worked with me from project inception to completion and understands how the design process works  So happy to have her countless talents as part of our team!
Meet Andrea (LEFT) and Lara (RIGHT) Team BDG

Lara (right) has also been helping me behind the scenes with her mad marketing skills.  She is so strong in areas I am so weak.  We are a good balance and she has been such a tremendous help in expanding BDG over the years!  Lara, graduated with a degree in Communications from BYU and has worked in sales, marketing and human resources with top 50 corporations.  Lara is amazingly creative and full of experience and ideas to expand BDG.  Her marketing skills are just a small part of what Lara brings to our team.  She also has an incredible eye for design, which growing up with an Interior Designer Mom, is in her blood.  Now that we have joined forces, officially, I am excited to see where she will take us next!  So thankful for this girl!

 Another big step with BDG is the opening of our new design studio.  Our new work space is located in Ladera Ranch inside this official isn't it? :)  It is so nice to be able to have a large enough space to house all of the new products we are excited to now be offering!  

Our new space includes a custom material showroom...something I have wanted forever!  Basically, we are now a one stop shop for all remodeling projects, whether you are using us for interior design or not, we welcome those seeking access to quality products with a customized experience.  Our showroom has carpet, tile and a number of other re-modeling products available.  With a visit to your home we will determine the best color, style and materials for you, taking into account your price point and lifestyle.  We will break it down to a few options to help make the process as easy as possible.  It's completely custom per client. 

Our team has also been busy developing a new division of BDG that will focus on Home Staging.  We are so excited to be working on a new build project (installing October 16, will be posted soon) as well as other residential homes with an investment group in the Yorba Linda, CA area.  We have secured a fabulous, on trend, inventory of home furnishings and look forward to working with agents to sell their homes quickly!  We hope to bring our stylish residential feel rather than the typical "staged" feel to the market place.  My background as a Model Home Merchandiser makes this new venture a natural transition.

Our direct sales of materials is also a huge benefit to our staging side of the business.  We are able to assist with updating homes beyond furnishings, to help sellers/agents get top dollar for their investment!

So, that's it in a nutshell.  I am so grateful to have been able to grow BDG from a small desk in my bedroom a decade ago to where it is today!  Having these two talented partners is so exciting....Oh, the places we'll go :)

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