Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fashion Inspired Design

This fashion inspiration board I put together features tailored menswear inspired designs.  The sleek lines and splash of gold sophistication would make a lovely interior.

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Have a beautiful weekend!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New House Update...

I have been busy working away on our new home.  I have such a hard time selecting finishes for my own home!  I have been designing homes for the past 14 years and have gathered way too much information that it's hard to make choices for myself!!  I love and appreciate so many different styles that just when I think I want to go in one direction, I completely flip flop.....I would make a horrible politician!  I know that I have a "look" to most of the projects I work on but a big part of me wants to do something very different for my own space.  Plus, let's just say my taste is way more expensive than my budget!

So, we visited our builders design center to peruse our options.  This is what I selected so far...
White Cabinets, Gray Silestone countertops with a carrara patterned backsplash, light wood floors (they are much lighter in person than this photo.  They look similar to a raw wood finish).  Sadly, the floors might need to go (I haven't had them priced yet and they look pricey!)  I hope to find something similar within our budget that isn't too yellow or too orange.  I am obsessed with this wood though, so fingers crossed!

Our house should be ready late August (so they say) and we have two more trips to the design center to continue to select materials.  It's really hard to go with the style that I like here in Texas.  Where white cabinets and carrara in the kitchen are so popular in the design world, people here think I am CRAZY to put it into my house (they were not even sure that they offered white cabinets).  I am hoping people in Texas will embrace the light and case we need to move in the distant future!

I am seriously over thinking it all!  Which is a character flaw in general :)
I'll keep the updates coming!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Dining Room Portfolio

I am continuing with my portfolio series in order to get this blog a little more organized.  I am almost finished re-posting, phew!
In other news, I am excited for my upcoming trip to California!  I will be there for two weeks (mostly working) and will be able to add more photos to all of these categories.  I am looking forward to taking some new photographs!! 

Belmont Design Group
{Dining Rooms}
Sophisticated Space

Bright and Natural

Glam Dining Room
California Casual
more coming soon...

Monday, February 4, 2013

Children's Rooms

Happy Monday! Are Monday's ever really happy?!  I'm trying to be optimistic, I guess!
Once again, I am re-posting pictures from my portfolio in an effort to organize this blog.  I decided to list my portfolio by rooms and I need to keep posting to have everything together. So, here we go with these cute little kids' rooms.  I love working on children's spaces.  They are some of my toughest critics! :)

Belmont Design Group 
Children's Rooms Portfolio

Taupe/Gray, Fuchsia and White

Silver Sage, Fuchsia and White

Pink and Gray/Taupe

Silver Sage, Pink, Orange and Mustard

Navy, Chartreuse and White

Rust, Green, Silver Sage with Espresso Furniture

Soft Gray/Blue and Apple Green

Friday, February 1, 2013

Kitchen Portfolio

I'm still working away at organizing this blog.  Today, I have gathered all of my most recent Kitchen projects and will add them to the sidebar to access easily.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Belmont Design Group
Kitchen Portfolio

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