Monday, April 30, 2012

Master Bedroom Retreat

I hope you all had a great weekend! 
I'm excited to share these photos of a project I recently completed.  This family was relocating to Orange County from Northern California and wanted me to help get their home move-in ready.  I loved that she was a blog reader of mine and already trusted me from the get go (the benefit of blogging) which made designing long distance work so smoothly. We had a great time working together and I loved getting to know this beautiful family! 
Their home is located in San Clemente, California and without a doubt has a serene and happy energy to it!  The sunlight is plentiful and the ocean breeze sets the mood.  



This Master Bedroom Retreat was originaly painted dark brown which felt so dark and heavy for such a bright and airy space.  Painting everything white made a huge impact and draws your eye to the bright light coming in from the windows.  It is truly a place that they can "retreat" to and feel relaxed..

Photos by Ashlee Raubach

Each room from this home will be revealed over the next few weeks {every MONDAY} so keep checking back.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to Measure for Wallpaper

I have no idea where I found this formula but I have had this worksheet in my design file for probably ten years.  It has always worked for me and I clearly use it a lot since it is covered in notes and diet coke rings.  If I have a client that is hiring someone to install the paper then I always have the installer do the final measure.  If you are going to hang the paper yourself or are curious how many rolls you need to figure out costs, then this is a great worksheet.

Formula To Estimate Wallpaper

#1 What Room do you want to wallpaper?

#2  Take a measuring tape and measure from one corner of the room all the way around to that corner again.  How many feet do you have?  Do not take out for doors or windows or cabinets the estimating formula will take care of that for you

#3  Take the measuring tape once again and measure your ceiling height.  If you have varying ceiling heights then measure the high point and low point of your room.  You will now split the difference of those two measurements and that will be your ceiling height.

#4  You will now mulitply the linear feet around your room times the ceiling height.  This will give you the square footage of the room.

#5  You will now take the square foot number and divide using the formula below that corressponds with the room you are estimating.


Bathroom- 26 linear feet around x 8 feet high=  26x8 =208 sq. feet divide by bath formula - 208 divided by 32=6.5 = 7 s/rolls

Good Luck!  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week of Wallpaper-Tips

If you missed yesterday's post, I decided to give my readers a Week of Wallpaper.  Today, I am just sharing some quick tips on how to select a paper to complement your space.  It is always hard to narrow down a list of "Tips" but I hope this general guide will help you select your perfect paper!

My tips for selecting a wallpaper 
1.  Wallpapers look great in small spaces  
ex. Laundry room, Bathroom and Entry.  These are relatively small in space and often times need the added personality of a paper.  The Dining Room, Master Bedroom and Children's Room's are also great spaces for wallpaper.

Pinned Image

2.  Think about the print  
Does the room need a bold pattern or would it benefit from more of a texture?  Sometimes the more simplistic wallpaper will add the most!

 Pinned Image
Folia Wallcoverings -  - Romo Fabrics

3.  The drama is often in the color  
Consider the amount of "drama" the room can handle!  Some spaces benefit from a bright colorful paper and some benefit from a metallic, a tone-on-tone stripe or even a strong black/navy paper. 

Marenka Wallpapers -  - Romo Fabrics

Marenka Wallpapers -  - Romo Fabrics

4.  Consider the surroundings
What color is the flooring?  The countertop?  Make sure the materials that are in the space work with the colors in the paper.

Pinned Image

5.  Get creative
Wallpaper can be used as a great accessory!  I love it in the back of bookshelves and on ceilings!

Pinned Image

Have you wallpapered recently?  Any favorite retail resources for purchasing wallpaper?  I would love to hear!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Week of Wallpaper

I love wallpaper.
So many people get the wrong idea whenever I bring up the suggestion of adding a wallpaper to a space  (Please do not get a flashback of Grandma's over zealous floral print)!  Wallpapers do a lot for a space and can often bring in that "something's missing" feeling.  Papers can add drama, texture, color and personality.    

We just added this beautiful textured paper to this entry.  It added a subtle drama with the metallic shimmer (that's hard to see with these iphone shots), some depth with its texture and just something a little unexpected when you walk through the front door.

This week I will be posting all about Wallpaper.  Tomorrow, I'll post my tips for selecting the perfect paper for your space.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My kids are on Spring Break this week so we took off yesterday to romp around the Carlsbad Flower Field.  We all had a great time and it is truly breathtaking!!

 Ranunculus as far as the eye can see!

 For two months every year this working farm is open to the public with activities for the kids (scavenger hunt, tractor ride, gem mining, playground, etc) and 50 acres of flower fields that overlook the ocean.  I could have spent hours taking pictures!  

The Flower Field closes on May 13th...if you live locally you should try to visit (plus the Outlets are right next door!)

Friday, April 6, 2012


Looking forward to our Easter weekend and spring break with lots of time at the beach!

Hope you have a great weekend!


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