Monday, July 29, 2013

BDG Update

Geez, my last post was in May?!  Writing a blog post has been on my mind but to be honest, I just haven't had a chance!
We moved out of our rental home and have been living in California until school starts in Texas.  We have been moving around to my Mom's house, staying at friends and the gypsy life.  

The minute we arrived in California I got to work with my Cali clients.

BDG update...
We have been working on a very large project completely changing everything in a home that's just over 6,000 sq. feet.  
This is an iphone shot of some of the materials we are using!
We are warming things up in this home.  
Rich woods, chocolate brown, navy blue with touches of chartreuse.  

 We were in need of updating our upholstery swatches from the manufacturer we use so a trip to the Los Angeles based warehouse was a must.  Our visit turned into a factory tour to see new product!
We had a great lesson on the tufting process.
This Ah-mazing sofa takes a week to tuft by hand.  We were mesmerized by this work of art! 

(Meet Andrea, holding down the California BDG office)

Even with my work load I am trying to sneak in as much time as I can enjoying summer with my family!  Our trip to Las Vegas has been a highlight.  Who knew Vegas was such a fun place to take kids?!
Jack taking in the Vegas strip from the Monorail.  

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!  More updates to come!

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