Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jack's Map

Even though we are moving into our permanent home in 8 months I was feeling a little restless with all of the bare walls around our current place.  I wanted to just add a few things so it felt more like home. It's hard to do with most of our things in the garage and we sold a lot of what we had in California (trust me, I'm not missing it) so, I decided to get a couple of things. I only wanted to purchase things that we will use when we move.  I noticed this oversize wall map at IKEA and loved it!  It is huge!  This map covers so much empty wall space I am happy we added it to his empty room.  He loves it too.  We find ourselves referencing it a lot when they ask about different places.  Artwork with a purpose :)

Jack's Map
My guy.

Pillow and bedding is from Homegoods.  Seriously, his room is not even put together but I'm at least moving in the right direction!!

The lighting was off so I was unable to get an overall shot but you can tell by the bed, which is a queen, just how big this print is.  I think there is some great "boy room" colors in this print that I look forward to adding to his room!  I guess I have 8 months to decide on which color to paint his walls :)


René said...

Your are very much moving in the right direction! Looks great from what I can see - and here's to artwork with purpose! Looking forward to all of your inspiring posts in the new year. You are one of my faves Allison!

Unknown said...


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