Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Chair with a funny name

I don't know why but the word chaise is one of those words that I just don't like to say.  Its not as bad a moist but I still don't like it. Ha!
No matter the name, I still love this piece of furniture and think that it is highly overlooked.  It's not a sofa and its not a's somewhere in between.  I think these pieces are so comfortable and in the right setting can look so unique and special.

 This Master Bedroom Retreat was the perfect spot to use a stylish chaise. It filled the space perfectly and this client loves to snuggle up with her babes in this cozy spot.

I put together a collection of chaises that you can find at some of the popular retail stores.  They range in price points but I think they are all stylish.

3.  West Elm
5. & 6.  Ballard Designs
7. & 8.  Layla Grace

I think the chaise works great in a Master Bedroom or any space that you want to have a little corner reading nook.  They look great paired with a little side table or garden stool.
Something to consider :)

1 comment:

Tiffany Leigh said...

I actually kind of like the word 'chaise' and I definitely LOVE the piece of furniture, but I'm so with you on the word Moist. Yuck.

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