Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My New Obsession

Hello, Beautiful.

Look at those lines...I love this chair (minus the fabric).  

I am planning on re-upholstering this beauty as soon as I find a fabric that will work in my new office.
I am on a mission to design our new home on a budget and with interesting pieces. 

Which leads me to my new hobby...I have always loved antique shopping, looking for stylish vintage furnishings is a rush!  Especially, when you find something you love and the price is CRAZY good! I am incredibly motivated {obsessed} with searching for pieces to use in our new home.  I have plenty of time so I am exploring all furniture options.  

I am counting down until The Marbuger Farm Antique Show on April 2nd.

There are over 2500 vendors on a 43 acre field in the small town of Round Top, Texas. Have any of you been to this?  
I Can't wait!  I better start saving!!

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Mamavalveeta03 said...

Great post, which brings me to a question: I have 2 lovely, but in need reupholstering, Scandinavian style wing chairs that were given to me by a friend with money (and how!). I am assuming the chairs are worth something because she never bought "junk." So, are they worth saving, and if so, how much can I expect to pay to have them reupholstered?(I live in the Hamptons, where everything is over-priced!) Thx!

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