Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY Pinwheel Artwork

Many of us struggle with finding the right artwork for our children's rooms.  Especially, if you have a theme or unique color palette that you are working with.  One of my clients found an adorable pinwheel shadow box to complete the look of her son's nursery. 

I found some great pinwheels on Etsy the would work great displayed in a child's room...
Pinwheels 8 "Purple Haze" Medium Paper Pinwheels
I also love the look of several pinwheels in a vase or container of some sort
Pinwheels 8 "Bohemian" Medium Paper Pinwheels

Pinwheels 8 "Enchanted Garden" Medium Paper Pinwheels

Sale Navy and Orange Modern 12 Piece Pinwheel Set Ready-Made by Rule42

For those of you that see this as a great DIY project I found some great pinwheel tutorials...

diy pinwheels
Tutorial Here

Tutorial Here


Jean @ Flower Hill said...

These are adorable. What a great idea!

'LUSH' said...

What is it about pinwheels that's so captivating? Even as an adult, I find them so irresistible!

Karen T. said...

I am drawn to these pinwheels even as an adult and like each way you display them. The color combinations are also beautiful. My favorite is the black, white and tangerine colored ones. Fun!

Pene said...

I love this! How simple and fun this looks framed. Loved so much I had to pin it to my Pinterest account. Thanks for sharing:)

Pene said...

Thanks for sharing this pinwheel in a frame:) oh so cute!!

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