Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nice Curves

Just installed these pieces this morning.
I love the lines.
Lots of curves!
 Design Tip:  Using a bench on one side of your dining table is a childproof way to incorporate upholstered chairs and not worry about the kids spilling on them.  They get the bench!

The curves on this coffee table make this piece so unique!  

Beautiful tufting!

The slight curved back on this sofa and arm give this piece some character.  It also has casters which I LOVE.

I am installing two more jobs on Friday and I'll post some pictures when I'm finished.  

Hope you are all gearing up for SUMMER!!!  


Anonymous said...

I like the curves too. What a great mirror - very nice all around! What a good idea to a bench for the kids. You think of everything. :)


Unknown said...

Loving the tufted chairs!!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of the bench for kids!

René said...

Love all these pieces - especially the tufted chairs.

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