Friday, January 31, 2014

{Modern Valentine} Our Visual Display Project

Adding some Valentine Decor to a very contemporary Jewelry Store in Austin, TX, was a slight challenge!  First of all, pretty much all Valentine decor is cutesy and definitely not in line with the look we wanted to create for this beautiful modern store.  Secondly, we needed to create this space as quickly as possible...we had less than two weeks to allow for Valentine's Day Advertisements.
With some thought and internet searching, I think we succeeded in creating a Valentine Mood while keeping things clean and contemporary.
We needed arrangements that would last for a couple of weeks so we thought mixing branches and succulents would be a great solution!  
We also added Chinese Lanterns and tied a simple black heart.

Red rocks mixed with succulents and small white rocks.

We tied large red bows around the display cases in front of the windows.

 The red hearts were painted along the top portion of the windows.  They are so bold and really catch your eye as you drive by.  At night, the interior lights reflect in the shape of a heart!

We wanted to keep the exterior store front as minimal as possible.  We added the tall pots with succulents and a little red succulent to tie in with the red hearts.

We also added solar powered red Chinese lanterns to the beautiful oak tree in front of the store. 

I will try and post a picture on Facebook of the lanterns & windows one of these nights.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Nice to see, that was a superb interior design and colour combination.keep up the good work

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