Friday, November 11, 2011


The great part about design is that sometimes simple details can make a huge impact.  One element that often gets overlooked is "dressing" up your windows.  Adding window treatments is definitely a great way to do this but sometimes just the addition of window casings is all you need to give the polished look you are seeking.

Adding window casing is an inexpesive (relatively) and can be done on your own (if you own a miter saw) or by hiring a handy man.  

Here are some pictures showcasing the impact of window casings.

Pinned Image
The casing provides a stunning detail in this kitchen and provides a clean edge to run the backsplash tile into.

{before casings}


 {before casings}

{after adding stained casings}
 I love the way the dark casings frame this soft roman shade

We are in the process of adding casings to our windows.  Most of them are finished we just haven't painted them yet.  It only took a few hours and has made a big difference!

my resident handy man :)


Jean @ Flower Hill said...

I love all kinds of moldings! They change the entire feel of a space.

Unknown said...

It does make a huge difference! I love the look!

Karen T. said...

I like your "Before and After" photos. It appears that window casings really do make a huge difference! I really love that kitchen photo.

Marianne said...

What is that fantastic cologne your resident handyman is wearing???? Oh, that's right, Old Spice deoderant.....ha ha!

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