Monday, February 6, 2012

Design Idea: Mixing Up Your Bed Sheets

I hope you all had a great weekend!  I spent this weekend (like most weekend's) buried in laundry and while I was folding our sheets this blog post came to me.  The idea of mixing bed sheets.  I think this is something most of us do when we are in a pinch and just grab whatever is folded and ready to go but I LOVE the intentional mixing of our bed sheets. 


I love mixing patterns and prints in general so the idea of mixing things up with bed sheets is a no brainer.  Tone-on-tone patterns and prints work great if you want to keep it simple. 

I am a fan of all white bedding in the Master Bedroom but I love mixing and layering the white's.  A solid white duvet with a patterned white top sheet and a striped white fitted sheet, etc.  Mixing up white's is a beautiful thing.


Switching around your bedding is a simple way to bring in some change.  Look in your linen closets and play with what you have. 
Who knows, maybe you'll even sleep better! :)


Jalon Burton said...

Brilliant - I guess I am just not very bold in my choices of sheets - everything is solid - but I do mix and match those... most beds are queen in the house, so it makes it easier! LOL Thanks for sharing this great idea. Have a lovely Monday.

Bonni said...

Brilliant idea! Why couldn't I think of mixing my sheets????

Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Great idea! Adds a bit of whimsy too!

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