Monday, January 10, 2011


One of my husbands many talents is carpentry.  As a designer, this is very helpful and appreciated!  He has a list a mile long of projects to do around our home.  Currently, he is building us a media built-in.  I cannot wait to post photos (hopefully, very soon!).  He worked on it all Christmas break and we just moved it into the house.  Right now I am deciding on what I want the door faces to look like.  There are so many great options, aside from the standard wood cabinet door.  I have been searching around the Internet looking for inspiration.  I am really leaning toward a mirrored face with some sort of wood trim is all up in the air but these great designs are narrowing my decision.  I also added a few bathroom details below, I love the impact that wood work makes on a home's interior.  
Many of the homes I am working on are paying a lot of attention to paneling/built-ins and wainscoting.   It seems that I'm in the middle of a built-in bonanza, at home and at work!

(coco cozy)
These cabinet doors are amazing!  I love the pattern on the door faces.  They don't just look like boring cabinets but a conversation piece, a work of art.
(Sean's wood working)
If I ever need to re-design my BA or a client's BA...I will push for this design!  Clean, elegant, simple, everything I love.  I have ALWAYS wanted a free standing/claw foot tub!  I love the contrast of the dark floors paired with white-stunning!  Oh, back to the topic at hand.....I love the mirrored aspect of these white door faces with crystal knobs.  I am really into mirrored door faces.
I love this wood framing/built-in around this mirror.  Very clean.

This is the style door faces I am considering for my media cabinet...mmmm

GREAT idea to hide an office in a small space! This design hides the clutter yet when the doors are closed make the room look larger with the mirrored doors-genius!

I love white built-ins with a fun color painted on the back wall!  This is definitely the direction of built-ins now-to add color!
I like the simplicity of this built-in.  I would even like this in white with bright accessories on the shelves.  I think this design works great in a mid-century modern home or even just a clean, contemporary home.

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