Thursday, January 13, 2011


About 4 years ago I started working on a Downtown Loft for a young Attorney that wanted his loft to be modern with bright colors.  He wanted a "museum meets the W" vibe.  He was really into design and had a lot of ideas, I was really excited to work with him on this project.  Unfortunately, the real estate market was on its downward spiral and we had to stop working on this project (we had already ripped out the kitchen).  So, I was left with this great design concept and doubt I will ever get to do something like this, it is just so outside the box.   So, here it is!!  I can at least share it on my blog and feel like I put it out there!!

The overall furniture concept was ultra contemporary (think metal legs/funky shapes, etc) upholstered in white/off white and neutral colors. 

I was planning on ripping out the floors and staining the concrete.  I wanted to do something like this picture.  Grey with a lacquer finish. 

I was really excited about incorporating the colorful aspect he desired via artwork.  I wanted to do something different and youthful so I came up with the idea of using graffiti images as wall art.  Printed and framed in large scale throughout the loft.

It isn't easy to find images that don't get too "swap meet T-shirts of the 80's" style but when I looked around I was amazed at the images I could find. 
This one in London is referred to as "Eco Graffiti"

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