Thursday, January 6, 2011


As of today, I have decided to have a "Frugal Friday" every Friday.  I am going to post a few home decor items every Friday that are packed with designer style and super affordable!  If anyone is looking for any type of home accessory or furniture items and want to know if I can find it for less, let me know!  Or post some of your favorite frugal finds.
One of the biggest tips I learned from designing Model Homes is that design does not have to be expensive.  I cannot tell you how often I shop at the large discount stores for home accessories and odds and ends.  When you're out shopping and run into a great find just remember to keep with your color scheme and know exactly where you can to put it.  BIGGEST rookie mistake ever!!!  Buying something b/c you like it, get home and doesn't work anywhere!  The key to buying on the cheap is knowing EXACTLY what you need and finding it for less!!
So here are a couple of goodies that caught my eye....Happy Friday!

Great geometric brown/white pillow.  Dwell Studio for Target.  $24.99

This is a great tray!  Every time I see it at Pier 1 I try to figure out if it would work for anyone I know.  It is stark white (I love me some white!) with silver leaf.  This would be great on a cocktail table/kitchen counter/ottoman, etc.  $29.95

This is a beautiful Queen size tufted headboard in sea foam and ant. silver detail.  For a Queen tufted headboard $399 is a great price!!  pier 1

Another Pier 1 item.  I think this white slip covered chair with black legs is so simple yet so pretty.  For $159.95 I think this is a steal!! 

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